9 Things That You Must Do In Palm Springs, CA

Things That You Must Do In Palm Springs, CA by Off The Charts Dispensary

Palm Springs is the perfect place to relax. The combination of the hot sun and the beautiful mountains and desert create an idyllic place to sit back with your favorite cocktail and soak in some vitamin D. However, there is much more to Palm Springs than just relaxing by the pool. Below, you can find 9 things you must do in Palm Springs on your next trip to the desert.

1. Chill Out in a Pool

When you think of Palm Springs, you think of pools. While it may not be the most unique or original thing to do in Palm Springs, a trip would not be complete without a dip into a refreshing pool on a hot day.

2. Explore Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Canyon Drive is the street that goes right through downtown Palm Springs, and it is a lovely place to take a stroll and check out some shops. Not only does Palm Canyon Drive feature lots of great bars, restaurants, and shops, but it also has beautiful art galleries with exciting up-and-coming artists.

3. Check Out the Windmills

Palm Springs is notorious for its giant wind farm that most cars pass on the way into town. The oversized windmills are interesting to look at and make for a great photo opportunity. Park near the windmills and walk around the area, taking in the sights and snapping some great photos.

4. Ride the Aerial Tram

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is an entertaining and exciting way to take in the beautiful sights surrounding Palm Springs. Enjoy a 10-minute scenic ride up through picturesque Chino Canyon, and then take in the views from the top of Mount San Jacinto. At the top, you can find 2 restaurants, amazing viewpoints, and a seemingly endless array of trails for hiking.

5. Hike to Tahquitz Waterfall

Tahquitz Waterfall is the crown jewel of the Tahquitz Canyon hike, an idyllic 1.7-mile loop that is perfect for explorers of all ages and skill levels. Be careful if it is too hot out, and make sure you bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and a hat to provide shade.

6. Drive to Joshua Tree

Palm Springs is only an hour away from Joshua Tree, so if you are looking for some beautiful desert landscaping, get in your car and make the drive to the amazing park. If you like beautiful sunsets, unique Joshua Trees, and amateur bouldering, make the trek down to Joshua Tree for a day trip. 

7. Hike Coachella Valley Preserve

While Coachella Valley is mostly known for the raucous music festival held every year, the preserve also has amazing hikes and trails to explore. Take in some delightful sights on a jaunt through the Coachella Valley Preserve.

8. Observe the Cabazon Dinosaurs

The Cabazon Dinosaurs have become a quirky landmark that is very popular amongst tourists, making for fun pictures and adventures. On the side of the road, you will see two dinosaurs, the 150-foot-long Dinny and the 65-foot-tall Mr. Rex. 

9. Visit Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary

Both medical and recreational cannabis is legal in Plam Springs, and if you are on vacation in Palm Springs you should take advantage and visit a dispensary. Off The Charts has two dispensary locations, with one right in the heart of Palm Springs on South Palm Canyon Drive, and the other on Williams Road. The location on Williams Road is especially unique because it is also a cannabis lounge, which means you can consume cannabis in the comfortable lounge attached to the store.

Visit Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary in Palm Springs

Off The Charts has a reputation as the best cannabis dispensary in Palm Springs, and if you are planning a visit to the desert you absolutely have to pay a visit to one of our two locations. Off The Charts is both a recreational and medical cannabis company, and our budtenders can help you find the perfect product for your needs and habits. To learn more, contact our South Palm Canyon Drive location by calling (760) 699-7402 or contact the Williams Road lounge by calling (760) 548-0138

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