7 Best Cannabis Strains to Knock You Out

Best Cannabis Strains To Knock You Out by Off The Charts Dispensary

Let’s be honest. There is no single list of the “best” anything.  So when you search for “best cannabis strain” for focus, partying, or meditation, chances are you won’t get exactly the same list on every link you click.  “Best” is always subjective—we all have our own preferences.  And besides, two people can respond differently to the same strain. But if you search for “best cannabis strains for sleep”, and click on as many links as you can find, there are some strains that will show up over and over again.  You may find some variety, but it’s highly likely (hehe) that you’ll see more than a handful of these strains on every list of best weed strains to knock you out.

1. Tahoe OJ Kush

This potent indica/sativa hybrid hails from OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush lineage. It boasts THC levels around 20%-25% and offers relaxed, sleepy, and euphoric effects.

2. Granddaddy Purple

Born of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, this 100% indica strain has THC levels around 20%. It’s grape- and berry-flavored, with a similar aroma. People love it for its mellow mental high that makes it perfect for relaxation, stress-relief, and catching Zs.

3. God’s Gift

OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple were bred together to make this sweet, fruity, woody-flavored 90%/10% indica-dominant strain with 27% THC content. Uplifting, relaxing, and may stimulate some giggles before sending you off into dreamland.

4. Northern Lights

Another 90%/10% indica-dominant hybrid. This one hails from Afghani indica Thai sativa lineage or a strain with 18%-21% THC. If you’re in a hurry to get relaxed, euphoric, and sleepy, you’re in luck because the effects come on quickly.

5. Hindu Kush

This pure indica strain has THC levels around 15%-20% and powerful sedative properties. Expect euphoria, bliss, deep relaxation, couch lock, and oblivion. Great for nights when you want to let it all go.

6. Wedding Cake

This super potent hybrid hailing from Colombian Gold, Thai sativa, and Swiss Landrace has a 60%/40% indica/sativa ratio. The high is uplifting, creative and fun, but with THC levels potentially reaching close to 30%, it may be overwhelming for those with lower tolerance levels. The post-euphoria period can be quite relaxing and pleasantly sedating.

7. Harlequin

Hailing from Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie lineage, this strain has the highest amount of sativa on our list. The 75%/25% sativa/indica ratio may seem out of place, but the THC levels are around 7%-15% and the CBD levels are 4%-10%, making this a great strain to aid in rest and relaxation for those who may experience anxiety with higher levels of THC.

As we mentioned above, these particular strains may or may not make your list of best weed strains for sleep, but there are so many more strains to choose from. And we can help!

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