CBN For Sleep? New Cannabis Compound May Induce Sleepiness

CBN Cannabis Compound May Induce Sleepiness by Off The Charts

People come to Off The Charts looking for help with all kinds of requests: the best weed strains for sharing at parties, the best weed strains for energy and focus, the best CBD treatment for arthritis pain, and so on. But if there’s one thing our customers request most often, it’s the best cannabis products for sleep and insomnia.

We get it. There’s so much about modern life that keeps us from getting the sleep we need. The stimulation of artificial light from TVs and computer screens. Energy drinks and coffee. Excessive workloads. And the anxiety that comes along with social media and nonstop exposure to disturbing news. It’s no wonder so many millions of Americans suffer from insomnia. The way we’re living, sleep is more important than ever.

Looking For The Perfect Night’s Sleep? Keep An Eye Out For CBN

At Off The Charts Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery Service, when our customers come looking for sleep relief, we direct them to some of our most popular sleep remedies  (sleep edibles, sleep tinctures, and sleep soft gels) and weed strains for sleep. In fact, some of our sleep aid products are so effective, we have to work extra hard to keep them stocked. Some cannabis sleep products contain THC alone, and others contain THC as well as Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN). If you’re still looking for the perfect night’s sleep, keep an eye out for weed and cannabis sleep products containing CBN.

CBN Has Earned A Reputation As The Sedative Cannabinoid

CBD and CBN are both cannabis-derived and non-psychoactive, but they’re very different. Where CBD is a compound derived from hemp plants, CBN is a THC breakdown component that is created as cannabis ages. Both cannabinoids can foster relaxation and aid in sleep, but CBN has earned a reputation as the sedative cannabinoid. There is still much research needed—it’s still unclear exactly how CBN promotes longer, deeper sleep, but it certainly has a sedating effect on our customers who swear by CBN for alleviating their insomnia symptoms.

Need Sleep? The Staff At Off The Charts Dispensary Can Help

At Off the Charts, we carry fast-acting CBN tinctures, CBN tablets, CBN gummies, and more. If you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep, come by and see us at one of our locations in San Diego County, Palm Springs, Sherman Oaks, or Los Angeles. Or if you’re browsing our products online, feel free to give us a call so we can help guide you toward the best weed strains for sleep or the best sleep remedies containing CBN.  OTC is committed to helping customers find the right products to help them achieve the bliss, comfort, pain relief, or deep Z’s they need.  We would love to do the same for you.

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