How To Properly Use CBD Oil For Pain

How To Properly Use CBD Oil For Pain

CBD oil is an absolute and complete gamechanger. CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in marijuana and hemp that has a number of exciting benefits. Some of the benefits include relief from anxiety, help managing depression, and assistance in battling the symptoms of cancer.

CBD, however, is perhaps best known for its ability to relieve chronic pain, with many people using CBD oil to help manage pain. Below, we explain how to properly use CBD oil for pain relief.

Step 1: Figure Out What Method of CBD Oil Works Best for You

There are several different ways you can take CBD oil for chronic pain relief. You need to decide between taking CBD oil as a tincture, edible, balm, pill, or vapor.

CBD Oil Tincture for Pain Relief

CBD oil can come as a tincture, with either a dropper or spray bottle to administer each dose. You can either drop the tincture directly under your tongue or add it to food or beverages. Expect to feel pain relief in 15-30 minutes.

CBD Edible for Pain Relief

Another method of ingesting CBD oil is eating it as an edible. The benefit of eating a CBD edible is that it is very tasty, as CBD oil can be added to candy, baked goods, or some other delicious treat. The downside is that a CBD edible can take 2-4 hours to kick in, and it is hard to maintain a consistent dose each time when you eat a CBD edible.

CBD Balm for Pain Relief

If you have a specific area you want to target for pain relief, applying a CBD balm may be the best way to get the results you are looking for. For example, if you have chronic pain in your wrist, rub a CBD balm on the injured area and you should feel better in 10 to 30 minutes.

CBD Pill for Pain Relief

The easiest way to feel the positive effects of CBD oil is by taking it as a pill. CBD oil capsules are incredibly convenient, as you can take them anywhere with you and they have a consistent dose so you do not need to worry about variance in your dosage.

Vape CBD for Pain Relief

Vaping CBD oil gives you almost instant pain relief. However, there are a number of risks that come with vaping CBD, including developing heart or respiratory issues as well as ingesting a very concentrated dose of CBD.

Make Sure You Have Pure CBD Oil That Has Been Lab Tested

There are a lot of knockoff CBD products currently on the market. The surge in popularity of CBD oil means that there are now hundreds of products to choose from, so you need to make sure you choose a product that uses pure CBD, with all ingredients listed, and has been verified by an independent laboratory.

Find the Perfect Dose of CBD Oil For Your Needs

When you first start using CBD oil for pain relief, you are going to have to experiment a bit with the dosage. It may take some time before you find the perfect amount of CBD oil for your specific pain needs, so write down how much CBD oil you are taking and how you feel after taking it. Over the span of a few weeks, you should be able to figure out the perfect amount to give you the pain relief you are looking for.

High-Quality CBD Oil for Pain Relief from Off the Charts

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