Microdosing Cannabis To Enhance Work Creativity

Microdosing Cannabis To Enhance Work Creativity by Off The Charts Dispensary

For decades, artists have had a strong relationship with cannabis. Painters, poets, musicians, and other creative types often turn to cannabis for inspiration, using the power of THC to come up with new and exciting ideas. Most of the time this means smoking or eating cannabis or cannabis products, but in the 21st century a new trend has emerged among the creative community, and that is microdosing.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a term used to refer to the practice of taking a very small amount of a substance each and every day. The goal of microdosing is to feel only a small effect of the substance you are using, allowing you to effectively go about your day without feeling high. Microdosing first rose to popularity with psychedelic drugs such as LSD and magic mushrooms, with many claiming a tiny daily dose of a hallucinogen each day can spur creative thinking and innovation. Recently, microdosing cannabis has begun to take off for those looking to tap into their creative side.

How Much Cannabis is Needed to Microdose?

Finding the correct dose of cannabis to effectively microdose daily is going to take some trial and error. Follow the general edible rule of “low and slow”, starting with a very low dosage and gradually increasing the amount until you get the intended effects. A nice place to start is around 2 milligrams of THC, but if you have a low tolerance you might want to start even lower. Remember, the goal is not to get high, but instead you just want to feel a tiny bit of the effects of THC. If you feel your mind is getting hazy from your microdose, you have likely taken too much and need to scale back.

The Cannabis and Creativity Connection

Does cannabis actually make you more creative, or is that just an urban legend? If you look beyond anecdotal evidence from friends and celebrities, you actually can find studies that support the notion that cannabis can spark creative thinking. Therefore, if you are looking to be creative, microdosing cannabis may put you in the perfect mental state to create something beautiful.

What are the Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis?

Beyond fostering creativity, are there any other benefits to microdosing cannabis? Research is still ongoing and everyone reacts differently to cannabis and THC, but there are some exciting possible benefits of microdosing cannabis.

Studies have found that microdosing cannabis may be more effective than higher doses since you don’t have any of the impairments that can come with getting too high. You can get into a relaxed but still energetic state, allowing your mind to wander while still staying alert and on task. Finally, microdosing cannabis can also be an effective way to manage pain, allowing you to live a happy and healthy life!

What Product Should I Use to Microdose Cannabis?

If you are interested in microdosing, the first step is finding the perfect product to use every day. The easiest way to microdose is to just eat a small edible every morning, but there are also coffees and teas with low doses of THC that make for a great start to the day. Another option is cooking your breakfast with cannabis butter or some other cannabis-based product, adding a little punch to your eggs each morning. That is just scratching the surface of the possible options, because you can also use tinctures, liquids, concentrates, and other forms of cannabis to microdose.

Microdose Cannabis at Off the Charts Cannabis in California

Off the Charts Cannabis is the best place to start your microdosing journey. We have a huge selection of edibles with varying amounts of THC, allowing you to find the perfect dose to begin your day. Come visit one of our locations in Vista or Palm Springs and we can answer any questions you have about microdosing cannabis. 

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